Zoom Rooms.

Zoom Rooms is a comprehensive video conferencing solution designed to elevate in-person and virtual collaboration.

Seamless, Accessible
& Reliable.

Seamlessly integrated with the Zoom platform, Zoom Rooms offers a dynamic approach to meetings by transforming spaces into interactive communication centres.

Boasting high-quality audio and video capabilities, intuitive controls, content sharing, scheduling, and participant management, it fosters a streamlined meeting experience.

AI-driven features like noise cancellation and automatic camera framing enhance audio-visual quality and reduce distractions.

Suited for various room sizes, Zoom Rooms facilitates seamless communication, making it an ideal choice for businesses seeking efficient and immersive conferencing solutions. 

User-Friendly Meetings.

Zoom Rooms are designed to facilitate collaboration by providing a dedicated space for meetings, presentations, and discussions.

Simplified Scheduling

Integrate with existing calendar platforms, making it simple and easy to book and manage meeting rooms. 

Audio & Video

Professional grade audio and video equipment ensures clear communications and high-quality presentations.

One-Touch Joining

Users are able to join a meeting by simply tapping on a single “Join” button.

Enhanced Collaboration.

Zoom Rooms offer the ability to effectively share information with in-room and remote participants. With additional integrated tools, users are able to collaborate with participants in any hybrid meeting.

Interactive Whiteboarding​

The built-in interactive whiteboard enables participants to draw, write, and collaborate and brainstorm ideas. ​

Wireless Screen Sharing​

Users can share content from their device using the Zoom Meeting application or AirPlay. 

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