Microsoft Teams Rooms.

Microsoft Teams Rooms offer a comprehensive solution for the modern workplace to enhance collaboration, communication and productivity.

Bridge the Gap.

Microsoft Teams Rooms is a collaborative conferencing solution that transforms physical meeting spaces into smart, integrated communication hubs.

It enables remote participants to engage effectively with in-room attendees. Equipped with high-quality audio and video peripherals, Teams Rooms ensures crystal-clear communications, while its user-friendly interface simplifies content sharing, scheduling, and participant management.

Leveraging AI-powered features, such as background noise suppression and automatic camera framing, the system optimises the meeting experience.

With support for various hardware configurations to accommodate different room sizes, Microsoft Teams Rooms empowers organisations to conduct virtual meetings, workshops, and presentations effortlessly, fostering seamless collaboration between on-site and remote teams.

Inclusive & Interactive

Make sure everyone is seen and heard and can fully participate from anywhere.

Teams Rooms are equipped with high-quality cameras, microphones and speakers to provide clear audio and video during a meeting. 

Sharing content like presentations and documents, is streamlined with Teams Rooms. It allows presenters to share their screens with both in-room and remote participants.

Microsoft Teams Rooms adheres to the security and compliance standards for Microsoft 365, ensuring that information shared during meetings is protected. 

Easy To Use

Optimise your time with a solution that offers a consistent, frictionless meeting experience.

Users will have a familiar and predictable experience with a similar look and feel in the meeting room.

Easily book a meeting room by simply sending a Teams meeting invitation to the meeting room from Outlook and Teams or using a Teams panel.  

Users can use their personal device to detect nearby Teams Rooms and join the meeting from the room. Audio from the personal device is automatically muted to avoid feedback.


Teams Rooms can support the need for any meeting type and meeting space with a variety of solutions available for each.

Certified Teams Room devices are available for any room size from smaller huddle rooms to larger integrated spaces. 

Teams Rooms are available as a component-based Windows Application or an all-in-one Android solution offering flexibility for any meeting room.

Teams Rooms provides the ability to join meetings on other platforms using Direct Guest Join.

Secured & Managed

Teams Rooms have been designed with security and manageability being top of mind.

Enable security out of the box with Microsoft-certified Teams devices enabling automatic updates that keep the system secure. 

Manage Teams devices from a single portal to manage inventory, configuration, software updates, and monitoring. 

Delegate operations management to experts to obtain guidance, insights and proactive device configuration updates.

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