Mago Rooms.

Unlock your meeting room from a single UC provider to a solution that provides the flexibility to join meetings on different meeting platforms.

Multiple Platforms,
One Interface.

Online collaboration platforms have become a core communication medium for organisations.  Many organisations have standardised on a single platform to enable effective collaboration.  

However, a single platform approach does create challenges where users need to join a 3rd party meeting from the meeting room, but the quality is sub-par and confusing as the user experience is not consistent.  

Mago Rooms solves this problem by providing a single user interface in the meeting room, allowing users to join any online meeting platform with a simple “Click to Join” experience.  

This ensures that the user experience remains consistent regardless of which online meeting platform is being used. 

A Single, Consistent
User Interface.

Free your meeting rooms from a single provider to a flexible multi-platform collaboration solution.

One-Touch Joining

Join scheduled meetings or book an instant meeting with the press of a button.

15+ Video Conference Systems

Join meetings on Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Webex, Google Meet and many more.

Quick Access From Any Device

Simply scan the on screen QR code to take control of the room and securely join meetings from your personal calendar.

Reduce Time Wasted

Start meetings in mere seconds, ensuring that you're getting from one task to the next as efficiently as possible.

Smooth, Effortless Controls

Join a meeting, switch applications or toggle functions from a simple user-friendly touch console.

Work With Any Setup

Mago Room's smart layout automatically moves content to the appropriate display.

Increase Productivity.

Eliminate the complexity of joining meetings on multiple collaboration platforms, allowing users to focus on their meetings, instead of the technology.

Go Beyond Screen Sharing.

Discover the simplest way to present and collaborate on documents in the meeting room.

Direct File Sharing

Securely browse your files and start presenting them right away, without the need to cast your screen. 

Flexible Connection

Connect with the free Mago app providing a cable-free and network-independent connection.

Wireless Casting

Use various wireless presentation protocols to cast your screen, including MiraCast, GoogleCast and AirPlay.

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