Activity Insights.

Comply with regulations, evaluate employee performance, train new staff, and resolve customer disputes. Available from a variety of vendors, both on-premises and cloud-based.

A Variety of Benefits.

Voice recording is a critical component of unified communications (UC) systems. It allows businesses to capture and store audio conversations for a variety of purposes, including compliance, quality assurance, training, and reference. 

UC voice recording solutions typically work by tapping into the audio path between the participants and capturing the audio stream in real-time. The recorded audio is then stored in a designated location, such as a local server, network-attached storage (NAS), or cloud-based storage.

A Critical Component of
Unified Communications.

BayCom’s experts can help you find a solution that meets your specific needs, such as the types of calls you need to record, storage requirements, and budget.


This breakthrough technology generates actionable outputs that are clear, easy to understand, and brand-specific.

Enlighten Actions composed by GPT brings together NICE’s highly specialised AI models for CX with OpenAI’s cutting-edge generative AI.

Human-like conversational interface grants deeper and sharper insights into unstructured data.

Generate outputs you can trust and rapidly deploy, with unparalleled clarity and accuracy.

Trained on a dataset of billions of voice and text interactions to respond to inquiries.

NTR-X Compliance Recording

Fully-integrated, cloud-ready next-generation omnichannel compliance recording and assurance solution.

Verify and reconcile recordings, alerting stakeholders to discrepancies and enabling swift troubleshooting.

Centrally manage user changes for compliance recording and syncing with source systems to eliminate manual errors.

Centrally manage user changes for compliance recording, syncing with source systems to eliminate manual errors.

Automate transcriptions, extracting and transcribing large volumes of recordings rapidly, in multiple languages

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