Azure Communication Services.

Azure Communication Services (ACS) is a cloud-based communication platform that seamlessly integrates with Dynamics 365 Digital Contact Centre to enhance customer interactions and streamline contact center operations.

Leverage a Wide Range
of Communication Channels.

Microsoft launched their Digital Contact Centre on Dynamics 365 in 2022. While there are several ways to get calls to this service, we recommend using a voice partner such as BayCom to connect using Azure Communication Services.

Omnichannel Customer Experiences.

Allow agents to engage with customers through their preferred channels, leading to improved customer satisfaction and engagement. 

Ensure Security & Compliance

Comply with industry standards by using robust authentication, encryption, and data protection.

Automate Routine Interactions

Reduce agent workload and enhance customer experience with integrated chatbots and virtual assistants.

Real-Time Communication.

Enable agents to initiate voice or video calls, share screens, or send SMS messages to customers directly from the Dynamics 365 environment.

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