Information & Communication Technology.

In the realm of ICT services, networks, cloud services, and robust support systems converge to deliver seamless and efficient solutions.

The 5 core pillars of BayCom IT services.

From our many Information Technoilogy and Communication services offerings, in the IT space we have 5 topical and core services.  Then there are many other associated IT services as outlined below.

Managed Service

3 standard packages, being Essential being everything you should have, Pro, Essential plus greater cyber security and email services, and Premium with even more.

Cyber Security

Making sure that you are protecting more than just the device. We work with you to make sure that your security is optimised to minimise risk and meet your cyber insurance requirements

Storage as a Service

Elevate your data management with our exclusive private cloud object storage designed for your organisation’s unique requirements.

Private Data Centre

Companies are increasingly adopting cloud computing, with private cloud emerging as a preferred option for its customizable infrastructure, performance optimization, regulatory compliance, and cost-effectiveness

Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

If disaster strikes or for some other reason you can't carry on Business as usual, do you have a plan, have you tested the plan, and does it meet your insurance requirements?

Beyond the Pillars, a Seamless & Efficient Digital Ecosystem.

Businesses leverage interconnected networks to ensure data flows securely and swiftly, enabling real-time communication and collaboration. 

Cloud services offer scalable storage and processing power, allowing companies to flexibly manage their resources without heavy infrastructure investments. 

A strong support infrastructure ensures that these services operate smoothly, with expert assistance available whenever needed, minimising downtime and disruptions. 

Together, these components empower organisations to harness the full potential of ICT services, driving innovation, agility, and growth in today’s digital landscape. 

All Your
Bases Covered.

From network establishment and maintenance through to data security and backups, BayCom has everything you need.

Microsoft 365

Cloud-based tools for collaboration, productivity, secure communication, and access to critical resources.

As a cloud-based solution, users can access their emails, files, and apps from any device with an internet connection.

Integrate AI-driven features like PowerPoint Designer, Excel Insights, and Word Editor, enhancing productivity and creativity.

Includes familiar applications like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and more, facilitating smooth transition and minimal learning curve for users already familiar with Microsoft Office.

Multi-layered security features protect against spam, malware, and data breaches.

Public & Private Wi-Fi

In today’s fast-paced and interconnected world, custom WiFi solutions have become essential for businesses and organisations.

We’ll help you find the best package for your needs from one of our industry-leading providers.

Each of our providers offers cutting-edge security features that keep you and your customers safe. 

We’ll help you “get the most bang for your buck” by tailoring your package to meet your needs while minimising any waste.

With centralised controls presented on intuitive, user-friendly interfaces – managing your networks and services is a breeze.

Network Services

BayCom ensures swift internet speeds and offers a diverse array of communication options for small and enterprise businesses alike.

Easily scale your network resources up or down to adapt to changing business needs without the hassle of physical hardware adjustments.

Reduce upfront capital expenditures on hardware and ongoing maintenance costs and only pay for the network services you actually use.

Streamline the process of setting up new services or locations, enhancing your organisation’s agility and minimising time-to-market for new projects.

Our robust security measures include firewalls, intrusion detection, and encryption to safeguard your network traffic.

Cloud Services
(AWS & Azure)

Azure and AWS enable you to leverage the benefits of cloud computing.

Stay one step ahead of the competition by using the latest and most powerful solutions available.

Collect and parse large amounts of data in a way that is easy to understand and action.

Ensure a strong brand experience at all times, regardless of the customer’s device of choice.

Get instant updates with the latest developments in the security and compliance sector, ensuring your data remains secure at all times

Backup As A Service

Ensure the protection and recoverability of critical business data, and relax knowing your data is safe.

Recover your data instantly and safely using the latest and most powerful systems.

Being cloud-based – your backups are everywhere so you can manage them from anywhere.

Rest easy knowing that you and your customers’ data is safe.

Speed is king, we eliminate any unnecessary processes to ensure our backups are as efficient as they can be.

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