Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery.

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery.

Disaster Recovery (DR) focuses on the restoration of IT infrastructure and data after a disruptive event, ensuring that systems can be recovered and brought back online swiftly. On the other hand, Business Continuity (BC) encompasses a broader scope, aiming to maintain critical business functions during and after a disaster, addressing not only IT but also people, processes, and facilities.

Business Continuity.

Typically deals with Technology-centric aspects of recovery


Focus on the restoration of IT Systems and Data to the latest good version

Minimise Downtime

Downtime is expensive so being able to retore quickly is really important, this means having the right tools and support

Good Processes

Processes such as data backup, system replication, and failover mechanisms, need planning and documentation

In essence, while Disaster Recovery primarily focuses on the technical aspects of IT system recovery, Business Continuity takes a broader view, encompassing the entire organization and its ability to maintain critical functions during and after a disaster. Both are integral components of a comprehensive risk management strategy aimed at ensuring organizational resilience.


Encompasses a holistic approach to ensure business operations can continue or resume promptly after a disaster.

Plans and Strategies

Includes aspects like emergency response plans, crisis communication strategies, alternative work arrangements, and supply chain management.

Not just the Tech

Addresses not only IT but also people, processes, facilities, and external stakeholders.

Disaster Recovery.

Emphasises maintaining essential business functions despite disruptions

Risk Management

Both DR and BC are rooted in risk management principles. They aim to identify potential threats, assess their impacts, and implement measures to mitigate risks to the organization.

Planning and Preparedness

Both require comprehensive planning and preparation to effectively respond to and recover from disasters. This involves developing strategies, protocols, and procedures, as well as conducting regular testing and training exercises.

Goal of Resilience

Both DR and BC ultimately seek to enhance the resilience of the organization. They aim to minimize the negative impacts of disasters, ensuring the organization can adapt and recover swiftly, thereby safeguarding its reputation, operations, and long-term viability.

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