Backup As A Service.

Get the piece of mind that comes from knowing all of your data is safe. ​

Safety First.

Backup as a Service simplifies and streamlines the backup process, ensuring the protection and recoverability of critical business data while providing peace of mind to organisations. Backups also provide key metrics to adhere to during compliance and insurance purposes.

Reliable Data Replication & Recovery

Recover your data instantly and safely using the latest and most powerful systems.

Automatically copy backups to offsite or secondary storage for added data protection.

Validate backup integrity and replicate VMs in a test environment for reliable recovery testing.

Cloud-based disaster recovery enables fast and cost-effective recovery in the cloud.

Scalability &

Being cloud-based - your backups are everywhere so you can manage them from anywhere.

We don’t require agents on VMs, this simplifies deployment and management at scale.

Backup and migrate VMs across multiple cloud environments, providing flexibility in cloud adoption.

Centrally manage and monitor backups across various locations, ensuring consistency and ease of administration.

Comprehensive Data Protection​

Rest easy knowing that you and your customers' data is safe.

Veeam can perform full backups of virtual machines, ensuring complete data protection and system recovery. 

We support application-consistent backups, ensuring data integrity for critical applications.

Enables granular file-level recovery, reducing downtime and simplifying data retrieval. 

High Performance & Efficiency

Speed is king, we eliminate any unnecessary processes to ensure our backups are as efficient as they can be.

Utilise advanced backup techniques like Changed Block Tracking (CBT) for faster, incremental backups.

Reduce storage requirements by optimising data deduplication and compression.

Restore VMs from backups instantly, minimising downtime and improving RTO (Recovery Time Objective). 

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