Yealink video solutions for Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business

Yealink video devices for Microsoft come embedded with the Teams/SFB application for a consistent user interface that incorporates the calling and meeting features of Teams/SfB. The Yealink one-stop portfolio makes it easier for customers to select the solutions they seek and easily collaborate using equipment from a single vendor.

Yealink MVC800-transparent.jpg

Yealink MVC800

Get everyone involved

The Yealink MVC800 really takes it up a notch. Never miss an idea or a moment of inspiration, no matter who comes up with it. Ideally suited to larger collaboration spaces and meetings involving from 12 to 20+ people, the MVC800 captures sound and video at greater distances, so that everyone in the room can have their say. Video conferencing becomes more vivid, and everyone on your team will feel that their contributions are valuable and valued by their team leaders and peers.

Yealink MVC500-transparent.jpg

Yealink MVC500

Larger teams, bigger ideas

The Yealink MVC500 is the ideal solution for larger meeting rooms, and for when you need to get more of your team involved in a discussion or brainstorming session. Easily able to service up to 12 people, the MVC500 features an 83D wide-angle camera that ensures that everyone is kept in the picture – and up to speed. Single-click plug & play functionality saves wasting time looking for cables, and lets your team hit the ground running rather than running around looking for adaptors.