By combining telephony and business data on the same network, BayCom can give corporates and other large organisations the ability to use voice, data (and video) information in their everyday business applications. Such as saving and forwarding whole instant message streams, faxes, e-mails, voice phone calls or video conferencing sessions as data.

The real business benefits of Unified Communication (UC):

  • Lower expenses: although it comes with an initial investment, UC can help a company eliminate redundant resources.
  • Maximise work time: UC can allow you to work with people based on availability and reduce time wasted playing phone tag.
  • Minimise travel: Why spend financial resources to fly or drive to a meeting that can take place over video conferencing?
  • Access with a single sign-on: With single sign-on ability, you don't have to worry about keeping track of multiple usernames and passwords.
  • Work anywhere: UC also lets you keep in touch with the office when you just can’t be there – for example when the kids are home sick or when an emergency comes up during vacation.