WFM or Workforce Management WFM or Workforce Management

Workforce Management, or WFM, is an important tool for contact centre managers for scheduling shifts, monitoring adherence to schedules and forecasting resource requirements. A WFM product works in conjunction with contact centre platform, where it retrieves two kind of information:

  • Historical reports e.g. queues stats, agent stats, etc.
  • Real time feed of agent presence state changes

WFM then processes this information and applies various algorithms to generate forecasting and scheduling of the human resources required to meet certain service level agreement. Its very common for businesses to use contact centre and WFM products from two different vendors to get the best of the two worlds. However, this poses a challenge of integrating WFM and contact centre platforms, which is a highly skilled job.

BayCom has experienced consultants and developers to help integrate your contact centre platform with WFM. If no out-of-the box integration exists between your contact centre and WFM platform, we will develop you a custom integration using APIs, such as web services, TCP socket, etc.

WFM or Workforce Management