Baycom managed services is a suite of products and services designed specifically for those businesses that demand leading edge, customized solutions with flexible payment options. Our managed service offerings includes industry leading products backed by our dedicated support resources to provide reliable, scalable and affordable communication and collaboration solutions. This service eliminates the large upfront investment requirements by providing a per user per month pricing model.

Access Professional Support to Set Up Your PBX Phone System

Should your business consider exploring the purchase and deployment of a new PBX phone system? Reliable communications are an essential part of success in business, especially when you have a growing office or an expanding corporate footprint. Keeping your teams in close communication with reliable uptime is crucial for maintaining the flow of vital information between the different parts of your business. Today, however, setting up a reliable phone system on your own is easier said than done. There are dozens of different options and so much jargon that it can feel as though your business needs a glossary just to find and contact a service supplier. Gone are the days of the traditional on-site branch exchange with its complex tangle of telephone wires behind the walls. Today, cloud solutions are the dominant option for businesses that want to operate a PBX, and they offer many advantages over old-style systems. At BayCom, we can provide a highly experienced and tailored service to equip your business with the cloud phone system that it needs to stay agile in a changing business landscape.

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Latest technology solutions
Unfortunately, most traditional PBX systems can’t keep pace with advanced features such as video conferencing, business application integration, unified communications, and mobile productivity tools. In addition, many businesses don’t have the resources or expertise in-house to effectively manage updates and upgrades neccessary with a complex communications enviroment. With a managed voice solution, your business can enjoy the crucial benefits of the latest technologies as and when required. There is also no need to"rip and replace"your exsiting set-up. Instead, you can transition at a pace that suits you. Retain some elements of your on-premise infrastructure, and simply move certain elements on to a manged service as appropriate.

Exploring Unified Communications for Your NZ Business

A major shift is underway in business as more companies embrace the philosophy and application of unified communications in NZ. This is a paradigm shift that represents a departure from the previous methods that have structured business communication services: unified communications represents the next step towards placing your business on a modern footing. Unified communications, or UC, means placing all your communication services under one roof. UC has many potential benefits for your business if your new system is both well-designed and thoroughly supported. At BayCom, an NZ-based provider of advanced business services, we're well-positioned to support your company with comms options that make sense and deliver tangible advantages for your company. First, consider what UC is and what it could mean for your business.

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