Integration of systems improves efficiency and productivity. Integration of real time systems, such as contact centres and unified communications is a highly skilled job. Since every business is unique, there are endless use cases for the way businesses want their employees to communicate with each other and with their customers. If you are looking for highly skilled integrators and developers specialising in contact centre and unified communications space, then look no further. At BayCom, we have a team of highly skilled consultants, engineers, integrators and developers to help you integrate your independent systems. We can help you with CRM integration, CTI integration, SIP integration, Social Media integration, WFM integration and Custom Application Development. With over 100 years of combined experience in contact centre and unified communications, you are in safe hands.

Give Your Customers Around the Clock Support with Our Contact Centre

If your customers need an open communication line and possible around the clock customer support, why not consider one of our options for a reliable contact centre? We offer different choices that can meet various requirements, but that will make your customer support simpler and more effective. Choose BayCom and get suitable communication systems for your business.

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Computer Telephony Integration
Computer Telephony Integration, or simply CTI, is about integrating telephone systems with computers to improve productivity. Below are some common use cases of CTI in the contact centre world:
  • Softphone - accepting, rejecting or starting a call directly from computer.
  • Screen-pop - receiving data linked with a phone number.
  • Click-to-call - to start an outbound call by clicking on a phone number.
  • Call Recording - starting or stopping call recording.
  • Recording Call Events - to trigger an event e.g. sending and SMS
At BayCom, we have the expertise to provide bespoke or develop custom CTI integrations, tailored for your specific use case, using relevant platform APIs, SDKs and programming languages of your choice.

Trust BayCom for Quality Telephone Systems

If you own a small business, it’s imperative for your telephone systems to work efficiently. When you neglect to keep your phone system up to par, you run the risk of encountering disruptions that could impact the experience that a customer has with your team—which could cause you to lose out on business. When you collaborate with an experienced team such as BayCom, you can rely on your small business phone systems once again.

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SIP Integration and Interoperability
SIP is a signalling protocol used for initiating, maintaining, and terminating real-time sessions that include voice, video and messaging applications. SIP works on the IP network and plays a key role in modern telephony systems. Below are some of the most common uses cases for SIP:
  • Calls from/to PSTN network
  • Contact Centre platform integration with back office PBX.
  • SIP Interoperability between telephony platforms
  • ISDN to SIP or SIP to ISDN conversion
  • Remote phones connected to enterprise telephony
At BayCom, we provide end-to-end services, required equipment and expertise to get you over the line in days not weeks. These include:
  • PSTN SIP trunks with calling plans
  • Session Border Controllers and Gateways
  • Certified Engineers with over 100 years of combined experience in telecom
Get in touch with us and we will take it from there.
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Social Media integration with contact centre
Social media belongs in contact centre. As consumers are growing more technologically savvy every day, social media is becoming an essential channel for businesses to reach their customers. What people say about your business on social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, etc., is important and that is why you need to pay attention to their comments – good and bad. Here are some of the use cases as starter:
  • A customer leaves a bad comment on Facebook business page that is delivered to an agent via ACD queue. Agent responds it appropriately using the same contact centre tools as for handling voice and chat.
  • A customer sends a message on WhatsApp, which is delivered to an agent who starts interacting with the customer in real time using contact centre chat tools.
  • A customer goes to your company’s Facebook page and sends a message, which is delivered to an available agent, who starts interacting with the customer using contact centre chat tools.
  • A customer sends a message on Facebook or WhatsApp, which is delivered to a Chatbot, who starts interacting with the customer in real time without waiting the customer in a queue.
ICMI research indicates, more than two-thirds of contact centre leaders believe social media customer service is important, yet only 41% of contact centres currently offer social media support. Is your contact centre ready to take ownership of your brand’s social customer service? If you need help making the case, or you are unsure how to begin, talk to us today.
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WFM or Workforce Management
Workforce Management, or WFM, is an important tool for contact centre managers for scheduling shifts, monitoring adherence to schedules and forecasting resource requirements. A WFM product works in conjunction with contact centre platform, where it retrieves two kind of information:
  • Historical reports e.g. queues stats, agent stats, etc.
  • Real time feed of agent presence state changes
WFM then processes this information and applies various algorithms to generate forecasting and scheduling of the human resources required to meet certain service level agreement. Its very common for businesses to use contact centre and WFM products from two different vendors to get the best of the two worlds. However, this poses a challenge of integrating WFM and contact centre platforms, which is a highly skilled job. BayCom has experienced consultants and developers to help integrate your contact centre platform with WFM. If no out-of-the box integration exists between your contact centre and WFM platform, we will develop you a custom integration using APIs, such as web services, TCP socket, etc.
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Customised desktop and web applications
BayCom has application development skills to develop customised desktop or web applications tailored to meet your specific needs. Here are some uses cases for custom application development in the contact centre and unified communications world that we can help you with:
  • A voice bot that takes customer calls and handles simple to medium complexity level tasks.
  • Integration of IoT into your contact centre platform.
  • Transcription of voice calls.
  • Speech analytics for voice calls and chat transcriptions.
  • Add speech recognition into your existing IVR
  • Post Call Survey over voice call.
  • Finding exact location of the caller.
  • WebRTC based remote web client integrated into your legacy PBX.
  • Middleware windows service to integrate your contact centre to CRM or SAP.
  • Custom historical or real time reporting and dashboards.
  • SMS and Email integration into your contact centre platform
With over 100 years of combined experience in contact centre and unified communications world, you are in safe hands of BayCom. Get in touch with us today to see your use case become reality.