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Subject: Making Meetings More Productive Topics: The Attendees ·         Making sure that all the attendees required for decisions to be made are in the meeting. ·         Making sure that people who aren’t required aren’t invited. ·         Using Meeting Poll to schedule the meeting. The Agenda ·         Making sure there is one so that participants know what to expect from the meeting. ·         Making it dynamic, and something all participants can contribute to – Loop Connector. ·         Expected outcomes. Technology ·         Make sure all participants can easily join. ·         Make sure that all participants can contribute equitably whether it is a hybrid or virtual meeting. ·         Avoid distractions from outside the room. ·         Use features such as Auto Framing, and Auto Focusing. ·         Use of Occupancy Sensors in case no one joins from the room so the room can be freed up for others. ·         Ensure that users have enabled the correct level of Noise Cancelling in their applications and that they are using the correct headset if they are in an open-plan office. Meeting Etiquette

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Mago Rooms

Unlock your meeting room from a single UC provider to a solution that provides the flexibility to join meetings on different meeting platforms

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Meeting Room Technology

Enable your most valuable resources your people to effectively collaborate from anywhere to sustain productivity and maintain a healthy work life balance

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