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Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery. Disaster Recovery (DR) focuses on the restoration of IT infrastructure and data after a disruptive event, ensuring that systems can be recovered and brought back online swiftly. On the other hand, Business Continuity (BC) encompasses a broader scope, aiming to maintain critical business functions during and after a disaster, addressing not only IT but also people, processes, and facilities. Business Continuity. Typically deals with Technology-centric aspects of recovery Restoration Focus on the restoration of IT Systems and Data to the latest good version Minimise Downtime Downtime is expensive so being able to retore quickly is really important, this means having the right tools and support Good Processes Processes such as data backup, system replication, and failover mechanisms, need planning and documentation In essence, while Disaster Recovery primarily focuses on the technical aspects of IT system recovery, Business Continuity takes a broader view, encompassing the entire organization and its ability to maintain critical functions during and after a disaster. Both are integral components of a comprehensive risk management strategy aimed at

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Managed Services

Our Managed Services come in 3 variants to meet the needs of your organisation. Essential Everything that you should have. for example antivirus, disk encryption, patch management, backup etc. Pro Everything in Essential plus greater Endpoint Detection and Response, greater Cybersecurity and Mail protection Premium Everything in Essential and Pro plus Proactive monitoring and even more advanced mail and Cybersecurity Why our Managed Services Unlike your typical Managed Services Partner we have built our services from the ground up using modern tools Managed We help manage your environment in partnership with you rather than just offer support Superior Support Coming from a voice and video background we understand the importance and urgency of getting back to normal ASAP Automation We use Automation wherever possible to speed up tasks and provide a better service Leading Products We engage with world leading products and services to make sure that you get the best services to meet your needs Tight Integration We make sure that the leading products work seamlessly together with as much automation as practical Secure

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Baycom s security as a service includes a wide range of services including network security endpoint protection threat intelligence data encryption identity and access management vulnerability assessments phishing training with testing dark web and security monitoring

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Public & Private Wi-Fi

Employ features like automatic channel switching bandwidth optimisation and intelligent device management to deliver faster more reliable connections

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Network Services

Baycom ensures swift internet speeds and offers a diverse array of communication options catering to the unique requirements of Small and Enterprise businesses alike

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Cloud Adoption and Migration

Enable your organisation to leverage the benefits of cloud computing such as reduced infrastructure costs increased agility global scalability enhanced security and access to advanced technologies

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Microsoft 365

Office 365 empowers businesses with cloud based tools for seamless collaboration enhanced productivity secure communication and anytime access to critical resources

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