NEC Infinity Board® 55", 75" and 86"

Your all-in-one solutions for your meeting room

Businesses are striving to maximize employee productivity and foster better working practices between widely-dispersed teams - they need collaboration tools that combine the best viewing experience with the latest applications for sharing, reviewing and editing content.

We believe that offices will evolve to contain team-focused open areas, which will be reinforced with technology. These spaces will be designed to be zones for people to gather and for them to interact with media, data, and remote co-workers. For this to work, there needs to be consistency across spaces and across the technology that supports these spaces. From drawing on a whiteboard to wireless sharing, collaborative document editing to co annotation, adoption will be boosted if tools are standardized, and function the same.

With this in mind, the value in our NEC InfinityBoard solution is outstanding; a powerful and scalable all-in-one resource for team-focused meeting rooms.


  • Custom fit to your application needs - modular approach with Microsoft® Windows 10 IoT Enterprise makes this a highly flexible solution supporting your company specific apps to succeed in your business.

  • Natural writing experience - it's like working on paper! Whether using finger, pen or palm erasing, the InGlass™ touch technology provides seamless interactive touch performance.

  • Best-in class visual performance - benefit from a pixel-free Ultra-High Definition (UHD) visual performance, available in 55", 75" and 86" in size.

  • Facilitate productive communication - enjoy a dynamic video conferencing experience with the dedicated conferencing camera and superior audio speakers.

  • The tool-box to perform and achieve desired results - Mosaic Hub is the interactive whiteboard, video conferencing and collaboration application, allowing you to maximize the objectives of your meeting.

  • Future-proof PC option and reduced footprint - the Slot-In PC using the integrated OPS option slot future-proofs your investment in performance upgrades while reducing the PC footprint and installation efforts.

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